Racist Dem Rep. Kanjorski: "We're Giving Relief to ‘Average, Good American People’ Not ‘Minorities’ or ‘Defective’ People" (Video)

Obviously, if Rep. Kanjorski were a Republican you’d have seen this story splashed non-stop all over your television sets by now…
Rep. Paul Kanjorski (D-PA) told a House-Senate Committee that,

“We’re giving relief to ‘average good American people’ not ‘minorities’ or ‘defective’ people.”

Of course, by “average, good American people” he means ACORN, lawyers, union workers, La Raza, the Palestinians and the SEIU.
Via EyeblastTV and The Washington Times:

Don’t worry. Since he’s a democrat, the state-run media has already forgiven him.

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