It's On… Palin Calls Rahmbo a Liar

It’s on… Sarah Palin called Rahmbo a liar on Sunday.
Via Lucianne and The Hill:

From her Twitter Page:

RahmEmanuel= as shallow/narrowminded/political/irresponsible as they come,to falsely claim Barton’s BP comment is “GOP philosophy”Rahm,u lie

Palin was referring to efforts by Democrats, including Rahmbo, to portray Rep. Joe Barton’s (R-Texas) apology to a BP executive for the pressure from the Obama Administration applied to the oil giant. Team Obama forced BP to provide a $20 billion relief fund for the oil spill disaster last week.

More… Glenn Reynolds added:


If they’re smart, Republicans will respond by pointing out how Obama got record donations from BP, while BP got lax treatment from federal regulators. Of course, any sentence about the Republican leadership that begins with “if they’re smart” is probably self-finishing . . . .

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