Ashley Judd Compares Strip Mining to Spousal Rape (Video)

So pretty and such a loon…
Actress Ashley Judd spoke at the National Press Club in Washington, DC on Wednesday June 9th discussing “the horrors of strip mining.” During this speech Judd compared strip mining to spousal rape.
Via The Blast and BreitbartTV:

Ashley ought to be tickled pink to hear that the Obama Administration is working to destroy the strip mining jobs, too.
The Prowler reported:

The White House and some Obama Administration staffers at the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency have been coordinating with left-wing environmental groups to launch protests in West Virginia over such techniques as “mountaintop removal mining.” This enabled the EPA to cite such protests as support for their new rulemaking. Earlier this month, the agency imposed rules sharply curtailing that form of strip mining in such states as West Virginia. The rules may end up costing several hundred West Virginians their jobs.

The miners will be poor, broke and unemployed but at least they won’t be strip mining.
Does that make you feel better, Ashley?

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