Violent La Raza Mob Holds Pro-Amnesty Rally in Seattle- Protesters Block Building & Push Workers (Video)

Leftist La Raza mob held a violent protest in Seattle on Thursday.
The protesters blocked a federal building and soved workers who tried to enter or leave the exits and elevators.

The mob also blocked downtown traffic by sitting in the intersection.
King 5 reported, via FOX Nation:

More than 100 demonstrators demanding that that Pres. Obama pass immigration reform blocked off Seattle streets as well as people inside an office building. And they say they’re prepared to do it again, soon.

The group started the day outside the Federal Building, but surprised some by moving into a building that houses an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency office and court.

The group, including Seattle City Councilman Larry Gossett and El Centro de la Raza Executive Director Estela Ortega, locked arms during the noon hour and blocked the elevators. When some people tried to get through the human blockade, they were pushed away.

After that, the crowd moved back out to the street, where they sat in a circle at the corner of Fourth Avenue and Madison Street. Gossett was one of them and said he was willing to be arrested for the cause.

“I’m willing to take the risk because of the importance of the issue,” said Gossett

The mob promised to ramp up their violence at their next rally.

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