This Ought to Help Her Father's Campaign… Meghan McCain Bashes "Racist" Tea Party Protesters

As her father John McCain continues to struggle in his primary campaign against the more conservative J.D. Hayworth, his daughter Meghan continues her attacks on fiscally conservative tea party protesters. Meg agrees with the democratic-media complex that the protesters are all racists.

Meg is doing her part to help her dad shore up that conservative vote.
The Daily Beast reported, via Politipage:

Paul’s nomination could have been a moment of triumph for the Tea Party movement, as well as for Republicans, but instead it was an embarrassment… But when the movement was given the opportunity to present specific solutions and answer real questions, its leaders nominated someone who—yet again—revealed weird, racist undertones, no matter how he wants to spin it.

…Yes, Rand Paul could just be an anomaly; the next Tea Party candidate who rises to national prominence could be the answer to the movement’s prayers. Yet I believe that Paul offers a lens into the Tea Party’s broader problems. While anger over the way the country is run is valid, when it comes to specifics—and to direct, clear solutions—things fall apart.

What a bright child.

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