St. Louis Man Bitten In Stomach By Census Worker's Rottweiler (Video)

Here’s reason #1,793 why you don’t bring your Rottweiler to work with you…

A St. Louis man was bitten in the stomach by a census worker’s Rottweiler yesterday. Dan Vacca was answering questions when the attack dog jumped up and bit him.

The victim, Dan Vacca, said, “Talk about government taking a bite out of you.”
Local FOX 2 reported:

Dan Vacca says a census worker approached him outside his South St. Louis condo on Tuesday. He thought it was odd that the worker had his dog with him.

While he was answering questions Vacca says a dog jumped up and bit him in the stomach.

Animal control officer says it will monitor the dog for rabies. The case will be reviewed to see if the dog can remain with it’s owner.

Hat Tip Ed S.


Maybe it was, “Take your attack dog to work day?”

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