Republican Ari David on How to Get the Media to Cover Your Campaign: Force SEIU Activists to Say the Pledge of Allegiance (Video)

Conservative Ari David talks about his first SEIU meeting as a Republican candidate for Congress.

Ari attended a SEIU meeting in February after he heard that his opponent Rep. Henry Waxman was going in attendance along with 3 fellow socialist democrats from the surrounding LA districts. During the meeting that included local high school groups(?), Rep. Xavier Becerra (D–CA) laughed out loud when one of Ari’s associates suggested that they start off their SEIU meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance. Ari describes the scene that ended up making headlines on FOX News a couple of days later.

This is comedy gold.

That was sooo funny. Ari David is a gem. I hope he gives Henry Waxman a run for his our money.


Earlier this week Major General Paul E. Vallely endorsed Ari David for Congress.

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