Pakistani Official Says Mullah Omar Was Not Captured

Captured, or not?

Yesterday Brad Thor at Big Government reported that Mullah Omar was captured. Today The Jawa Report backed up the story:

An overseas intelligence source has confirmed to the Jawa Report that Mullah Omar has been captured as originally reported by Brad Thor.

But, tonight a Pakistani official said the report was not true.
The Cable reported:

Despite what you might have read, the Pakistani government did not arrest Taliban leader Mullah Omar, a senior Pakistani government official confirms to The Cable.

“Neither the U.S. government nor the Pakistani government are saying this is true and it is not true,” the official said, adding that he was never captured by the Pakistani military or intelligence services and is not in Pakistani custody.

“It just doesnt make sense that we would arrest a man and keep it a secret,” the official went on, saying the reports by online sites including Big Government and The Jawa Report are totally off the mark.

It should be noted that Mullah Omar’s second-in-command Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar was captured in late January. US officials were allowed to question Baradar in late April and he was providing important information to American officials on the inner workings of the Taliban.

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