Unreal. Alan Colmes: "There's No Such Thing as Radical Islam" (Video)

Nuts.Alan Colmes defends Eric Holder, tells Megyn Kelly,

“There’s no such thing as radical Islam.”

Yes. He really said that.

So is this going to be the new leftist talking point?
Here’s the transcript:

Megyn Kelly: Alan, why not just say it? The man (Eric Holder) would clearly like to stick a hot poker in his eye than admit that “radical Islam” may have been a factor (in the Times Square attempted bombing).

Alan Colmes:Why is Congressman Lamar Smith (R-TX) so insistent that you’ve gotta say these words? Why is he so insistent to use the name of a religion?

Megyn Kelly: Answer my question. Why would he rather stick a hot poker in his eye than say “radical Islam”?

Alan Colmes: Because there’s not such a thing as radical Islam.

Megyn Kelly: What?

Alan Colmes: It is not part of the religion. People are not doing this in the name of true Islam.

American Glob has reaction.

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