New Billboard in New York: "Mr. President, I Need a Freakin Job" (Video)

Here’s the latest billboard spotted in New York State:

“Dear Mr. President, I need a freakin job. Period. Sincerely,
The UPI reported:

The southbound I-190 billboard, created by a group of Buffalo residents led by Jeff Baker, featured four young adults standing with the message emblazoned on their T-shirts, WIVB-TV, Buffalo, N.Y., reported Tuesday.

“I need a freakin’ job. We could fancy this up, put lipstick on it, make it all pretty, but it isn’t. The concept of unemployment is isolating,” said Baker, whose small business went under 15 months ago.

The “I Need a Freaking Job” folks even released a new video begging President Obama and The Pelosi Democrats to focus on job creation for once:
“I Need a Freakin Job”

The unemployment rate is stuck at historic high level under Barack Obama and the Pelosi democrats. The rate is nearly double what it was during the Bush years.

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