Krauthammer: Obama Refuses to Stand Up For His Own Country (Video)

Of course it’s not the first time. It seems to come naturally for Obama. When a foreign leader trashes America, Obama either sits there in silent agreement or he chimes in on the side to the foreigner.

Charles Krauthammer nailed it yesterday,
“Obama refuses to stand up for his own country.”

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Charles Krauthammer:

“You can’t have it both ways. Particularly coming from Mexico, a country where if you enter illegally it’s a felony and you get up to two years in prison. And if you do it a second time, you get 10 years… So he’s got a country which is extremely strict–draconian, if you like–about illegals entering into Mexico. And he’s lecturing us on our laws here where it isn’t a felony, it’s only a misdemeanor. And then, even worse I think, is to see our president refusing to stand up for his own country, joining in the attack on Arizona.”

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