Jennifer Hoft Henderson Takes 3rd Place Representing US at Bolivian Beach Volleyball Tourney

My niece Jennifer Hoft Henderson is currently one of the top 50 beach volleyball players in the country. Recently, she traveled to Cochabamba, Bolivia to represent the United States in an international tournament. Jennifer sent a couple of photos from her trip where she took 3rd place.

Jennifer is on the right in this photo getting ready to play defense.

The local news interviewed Jennifer and her partner one night while they were at the tournament. Jennifer is seated second from the left.


The International Olympic Beach Volleyball Event was held in Cochabamba, Bolivia. There were 16 teams in the tournament from all over the world including- USA, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Bolivia, and Canada. Jennifer and her partner lost in the semi-finals to Brazil who won the tournament in both the men’s and women’s divisions.

Here is a list of the tournaments she plans on attending this season.

Jennifer was recently selected as one of the top 24 players in the country to compete in another pro-women’s beach volleyball tour. However, it’s new and hasn’t really taken off the ground yet. She doesn’t think things will really get started until next year. If you look under players, you’ll find her information. Jennifer added:

“Once this gets started, it will be sweet because I’ll get everything paid for, but until then things are super expensive with traveling and all the expenses that come with it.”

Jennifer is always looking for good people to help support her career.  Jennifer and her partner are looking for volleyball sponsorships to pay for their flights-hotels for traveling tournaments.  Jennifer told me that they will put whatever sponsorship logo on their swimwear or promote whatever products the sponsor wants them to wear.

Here is a photo of Jennifer (on left) with a previous partner and her coaches where she represented the US in a tournament in Mexico.

If you are interested in helping Jennifer out, contact [email protected] .

She also has a PayPal account where you can make smaller donations to support this champion.
Just open your PayPal account and forward a gift donation to [email protected]
She would really appreciate it.

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