Griff Jenkins Confronts La Raza "Call For Revolution" LA Teacher Ron Gochez (Video)

Griff Jenkins interviewed radical Marxist-La Raza high school history teacher Ron Gochez from Los Angeles who called for a race revolution in the United States. Back in 2007 Gochez called for war against the imperialist-capitalist white race in an angry speech on the UCLA campus:

“We are revolutionary Mexican organization here. We understand that this is not just about Mexico. It’s about a global struggle against imperialism and capitalism… At the forefront of this revolutionary movement is La Raza (the race). We will no longer fall for these lies called borders. We see America as a northern front of a revolutionary movement… Our enemy is capitalism and imperialism.”

In Griff’s interview Gochez admits, “I am against capitalism.”
Just think of thousands of innocent minds this raging Marxist has polluted over the years.

So, why is this dangerous man still allowed to teach “history” in a US school?

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