Breaking: BP Successfully Inserts Mile-Long Pipe to Siphon Oil From the Disastrous Spill

BP announced this afternoon that they have successfully inserted a mile-long pipe into the leaking pipe in the Gulf of Mexico.
FOX News reported:

Engineers trying to stop an oil leak deep below the surface of Gulf of Mexico have successfully inserted a mile-long pipe to siphon oil from the disastrous spill, BP said Sunday.

BP has unsuccessfully tried several other ways to contain the massive oil spill fouling the Gulf. The permanent solution of completing a relief well is still months away.

In a statement Sunday, BP said that the tube was “successfully tested and inserted into the leaking riser, capturing some amounts of oil and gas.”


“While not collecting all of the leaking oil, this tool is an important step in reducing the amount of oil being released into Gulf waters,” BP said.

Meanwhile, oil from the blown-out well is forming huge underwater plumes as much as 10 miles long below the visible slick in the Gulf of Mexico.

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