"You Don't Know Che" Music Video Debuts

“You don’t know Che” is written and recorded by singer/songwriter Steve Pichan about Che Guevara, chief exectutioner during the late 50’s and early 60’s in Cuba under Castro. Che is celebrated by celebrities and others that don his image on clothing and jewelery. He was also glorified in the movie “Motorcycle Diaries” directed by Robert Redford. Che was responsible for the execution of hundreds, if not thousands, of Cubans who resisted the iron fisted rule of Fidel Castro.

Steve Pichan – songwriter, guitar & vocals
Danny Engerer – congas
Jessica Ripka – harmony vocals, shaker
Mark Ordus – bass guitar
This video was produced by Agustín Blásquez, AB Independent Productions.
Via The Real Cuba

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Val Prieto was there.

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