South African White Racist Hacked to Death– Powerful Black Youth Racist Blamed

Eugene Terre’Blanche, the notorious far-right South African politician, was hacked to death with machetes while he slept at his farm on Saturday.

(The Telegraph)

861 white farmers have been killed in South Africa since 2001. 120 were killed in 2009 alone.

A white racist leader was hacked to death while he slept at his farm in South Africa on Saturday.
Reuters reported:

South African white far-right leader Eugene Terre’blanche, who fought to prevent the end of apartheid in the early 1990s, was beaten and hacked to death at his farm on Saturday, his party said.

Police said two black workers in custody for the killing of Terre’blanche, 69, appeared to have been angry over unpaid wages rather than having had a political motive for the killing.

But his Afrikaner Resistance Movement linked it to the recent singing of an apartheid-era song with the lyrics “Kill the Boer,” by the head of the ruling ANC party’s youth league in a row that has drawn fears of growing racial polarization.

“That’s what this is all about,” said Andre Visagie, a spokesman for the AWB. “They used pangas (machetes) and pipes to murder him as he slept.”

Terre’blanche, who described himself as a Boer, was the voice of hardline opposition to the end of white minority rule, but had lived in relative obscurity since his release from prison in 2004 after serving a sentence for beating a black man nearly to death.

His party — whose flag resembles a Nazi swastika — was revived two years ago and he had begun efforts to try to build a united front among white far-right parties to fight for a white homeland, but had gained little traction.

Terre’blanche was a powerful orator in his Afrikaans language and was a distinctive figure, heavily built, with a thick grey beard and dressed in khaki. He often attended rallies on horseback during his fight to stop majority rule.

Police said the suspected killers were aged 16 and 21. Both had worked for Terre’blanche.

“They apparently attacked the leader because they were not paid for work,” said spokesperson Adele Myburg, giving no details of how the killing was carried out.

Whatever the motive, it is likely to further stoke the concerns over tensions between races in the country dubbed the “Rainbow Nation” after the relatively peaceful transition that brought white minority rule to an end in 1994.

Friction has come to the fore over the singing of the “Kill the Boer” song by African National Congress Youth League leader Julius Malema last month, which the party has also defended despite its commitment to reconciliation.

Meanwhile… the firebrand youth leader of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) landed in Harare, Zimbabwe today where he received a hero’s welcome.

The crowds chanted “Shoot the Boer” as the black African National Congress youth leader arrived in the former bread basket of Africa.
The Telegraph reported, via Free Republic:

Julius Malema, the firebrand South African youth leader who has been accused of inciting violence against white farmers, has received a hero’s welcome in Zimbabwe.

Mr Malema, head of the youth wing of the ruling African National Congress (ANC), touched down in Harare to be met with a loud chorus of “Shoot the Boer” – a refrain from an apartheid-era song which is now outlawed in South Africa.

The 29-year-old, who has been accused of inciting violence against South Africa’s white population with his repeated renditions of the song Ayesaba Amagwala (The Cowards are Scared), will meet President Robert Mugabe on Monday as lavish celebrations begin to mark 30 years since he came to power.

Flanked by his own entourage and hordes of officials and activists loyal to Mr Mugabe, Mr Malema beamed with delight, sang and clapped along with the chanting crowds before being driven to his five-star hotel in a 30-vehicle convoy.

The controversial leader’s arrival in Harare came only 12 hours after a civil rights group won an urgent application to restrain him from publicly uttering any words “which can reasonably be understood or construed as being capable of instigating violence, discord and/or hatred” between black and white people.

The ANC vowed to challenge the ruling and an earlier court judgment which declared the lyric as unconstitutional and unlawful.

South Africa’s Freedom Front Plus party has described Malema as “an accessory to the wiping out of farmers in South Africa”.

Some 861 white farmers have been killed since 2001, according to police, and 120 died in 2009 alone.

…After his trip to Zimbabwe, Mr Malema and his entourage will continue their research with visits to China, Chile, Venezuela, Brasil and Cuba.

Mr. Malema does not sound like a very good fellow.
It is telling that his itinerary includes stops in Zimbabwe, Venezuela and Cuba, three of the most anti-American regimes in the world.
I suspect we will hear much more from Mr. Mulema in the future.

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