Stupak Retiring!

Slimy Rep. Bart Stupak will announce today that he will not run for reelection. The Michigan democrat gave Speaker Pelosi the votes she needed to pass her pro-abortion nationalized health care bill last month.
FOX News reported:

Michigan Democratic Rep. Bart Stupak, who was the central figure in the abortion debate surrounding the health care law, will retire from Congress at the end of this term.

Stupak, who’s been in Congress for 18 years, will make the announcement at a 12:30 p.m. ET press conference in Marquette, Mich.

Stupak told The Associated Press that attacks on him for his role in the abortion debate did not influence his decision and he could win re-election if he tried.

Stupak was a lightning rod in the debate over abortion provisions contained in the health care feud. Abortion language in the House bill was deemed the Stupak amendment because it provided clear rules that federal funding could not be used by insurance companies to pay for abortions. But the final law adopted different language from the Senate bill.

Good riddance.
Maybe he got that ambassadorship to Aruba after all?

The Tea Party Express chimed in on the news this morning. They are holding anti-Stupak rallies celebrations in Michigan today.

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