SARAH PALIN Rallies Tea Party Patriots in Boston …Update: 13,000-16,000 At Rally

Boston Herald– Hat Tip Ed

SARAH PALIN joined the Tea Party Express for a rally in Boston today for a rally at 10 AM EST.
More than 3,000 local patriots turned out for the event.

Jules Crittenden is reporting from the protest and added this on the location:

Tea Party’s in town … again! The current site on Boston Common is about a quarter mile from the Old South Meeting House, where the original Tea Party rabble was roused in 1773. Down Washington Street from there is the old Liberty Tree site. A couple of blocks down from there, you’re standing on the site of the British fortifications at Boston Neck that held the upstart Americans off during the siege in 1776, from which they charged with fixed bayonets across the ice to challenge the American guns on Dorchester Heights, and past which Washington rode up the street that now bears his name, when the British evacauated a week later. Nothing marks that spot. Half a mile or so in the other direction, Boston Massacre site. Half a mile beyond that, Paul Revere’s house and the Old North Church. It all happened here and it is a privilege to live and work among it all.

Local Boston radio host Ken Pittman will also be reporting from the rally.


The Boston Herald has live coverage from the rally today.

UPDATE: Ken Pittman called to say that police told him that there were 13,000-16,000 patriots at the rally today – By far the largest conservative rally he’s been to in Boston.

Here’s a photo from the rally today:

Left Coast Rebel has more photos.

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