Obama Census Workers Are Sending Out Two Forms to Select Households

“It is not the votes that count, but who counts the votes.”

Joseph Stalin
Memoirs of Stalin’s Former Secretary
Published in 1992

And, it’s not the number of people to be counted.
It’s who counts the people.
Team Obama is sending out two census forms to select households.
CNS News reported:

About 40 million “replacement” Census questionnaires are being sent nationwide to households in areas with low mail return rates, even if those households already have returned the first form they received, Census officials announced on Thursday.

And just days after completing their paid training, hundreds of Census enumerators in Northern Virginia were abruptly laid off without explanation on Thursday.

Census officials said mailing out a second form is designed to increase census mail participation, get a better headcount for the states, and save taxpayers the cost of sending out census takers to collect information.

The Census Bureau estimates that mailing a second questionnaire “in targeted areas” could save more than $500 million and raise the participation rate by 7 to 10 percentage points.

But what about double counting?

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