Netanyahu Cancels Trip to Obama's Nuclear Summit

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wisely canceled his trip to Obama’s nuclear summit next week in Washington DC. Turkey and Egypt already announced that they would raise the issue of Israel’s presumed nuclear arsenal at the conference. Obama has been rude and demanding with Israeli officials since he moved into the White House.
Reuters reported, via Free Republic:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has canceled a planned trip to Washington next week to take part in President Barack Obama’s 47-country nuclear security summit conference.

He made the decision after learning that Egypt and Turkey intended to raise the issue of Israel’s presumed nuclear arsenal at the conference, a senior government official said on Friday.

Israel is believed to be the only nuclear-armed power in the Middle East but has never confirmed or denied that it possesses atomic weapons.

Foreign analysts believe it has been a secret nuclear power for the past 40 years and may possess a sizeable arsenal.

Based on estimates of the plutonium production capacity of its Dimona reactor in the Negev desert, experts say Israel could have 100-200 advanced nuclear explosive devices.

“The prime minister has decided to cancel his trip to Washington to attend the nuclear conference next week, after learning that some countries including Egypt and Turkey plan to say Israel must sign the NPT,” the official said.

Israel has not signed the nuclear non-proliferation (NPT) treaty.

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