Unreal. Lib Hate Groups Demand Apology From RNC(?) For Fabricated Hate at Tea Party Rallies

When MoveOn.org members are not biting off fingers at Tea Party protests, the crackpots are out bashing Republicans, tea party protesters and anyone elso who stands in the way of their socialist utopia. Today they’re demanding that the Republican National Committee(?) apologize for fabricated tea party hate stories.

Of course, Moveon.org is the same hate group that slandered General Petraeus and created Bush-Hitler ads during the 2004 election:

Now this hate group wants the RNC to apologize for bogus hate stories.
The Politico reported:


Three liberal groups will drop off a petition at the Republican National Committee’s headquarters Thursday, urging conservative leaders to “take responsibility” for threats and incidents of vandalism against Democrats.

The event is being organized by the Brave New Foundation, MoveOn.org, CREDO and Color of Change.

The groups say about 330,000 people have signed their petition, which urges Republicans to “apologize for your hate-spewing proxies in the Tea Party Patriots. It is not acceptable for you to build your party’s political fortunes by encouraging and defending bigotry and hatred among your supporters.”

They truly have no shame.

FYI– Color of Change is commie/Truther Van Jones’ group.

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