Lib Congressman Compares Current Dangers as US Rep to Iraq War

It’s a war out there.

Lib Rep. John Boccieri compared the dangers of being a liberal pro-Obamacare Congressman to the dangers of serving in the Iraq War.
Really. He said that… This is not a joke.
Via his webpage:

In light of recent threats made to Members of Congress, their families, and staff in the wake of the health care vote, U.S. Congressman John Boccieri (D-OH) issued the following statement:

Having flown missions in and out of Iraq and Afghanistan, I know what it’s like to be in harm’s way. But I never imagined serving in Congress could feel the same. While Members of Congress, including myself, experience threats against our lives, our families, and our staff in the wake of the historic health care vote, I am calling on our leaders to be responsible with their remarks, especially those with a national microphone.

“We need to have a respectful conversation about contemporary issues, however once that discussion crosses into incendiary and dangerous remarks, it is time for Members of Congress to speak up.

“As passions run deep, violence will never solve our problems. I demand responsible leadership on both sides of the aisle because progress should not cower to the politics of fear.”

He’s more afraid of the American people after voting for Obamacare than the terrorists in Iraq?
That’s a pretty sad statement.

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