Leftist Goons Interrupt Karl Rove Speech at University of Texas (Video)

Karl Rove was interrupted by a bearded hippie leftist at the University of Texas last night.
The leftist goon stood up and screamed for two minutes before he was escorted from the venue.
Via HotAirPundit:

Of course, the state-run media feels there is nothing wrong with this. It’s only their free speech they care about. Most Americans don’t realize that conservative speakers are harassed by the radical left whenever they speak on a university campus. The state-run media wants you to believe that only the conservative grandmothers with limited government signs are the radical ones.

A rainbow of leftist goons met Rove at his speech. Nine people were escorted away during his talk.
The Daily Texas reported:

Protesters from women’s peace organization Code Pink; grassroots justice group We Are Change; and UT Chicano civil rights group MEChA lined the back of the room with signs accusing Rove of war crimes, and many individuals in the audience yelled comments and insults at Rove throughout the course of the evening.

During the first moments of Rove’s speech, one citizen stood from the audience and hurled an extended diatribe at the stage accusing Rove of war crimes and treason. Some applauded while others in the crowd stood and yelled their disapproval of the protestor. After an administrator offered three verbal warnings from the stage, University of Texas Police Department officials escorted him out.

A total of nine protestors were removed from the ballroom. Two were arrested, and seven were cited for criminal trespassing, UTPD spokeswoman Rhonda Weldon said.

“We are firm believers in free speech, but it cannot disrupt other people’s free speech,” UTPD Chief Robert Dahlstrom said.

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