Introducing the 11-2 Movement – "Remember November"

The Republican Governor’s Association put together this tribute to the radical socialist regime in Washington in dedication to their constant attacks on the American economy, freedom and prosperity this past year. Several conservatives suggest the Obama-Pelosi regime is working to transform America into a socialist entitiy like we see in Western Europe. Actually, these radicals more resemble Marxist and third world thugs with their tactics and policies. Never before has America witnessed such organized destruction as we have seen this past year. It will take this great nation years to recover from this devastation.

This November you can make a difference. Remember these attacks on your freedom.
Never forget.

We Will Remember from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo.


Remember November so that we can return America to its founding principles of freedom, personal responsibility and economic liberty. We Remember November so we, our children, and grandchildren can live with the freedoms our founding fathers intended.

You can sign your name to the list here.

UPDATE: The violent left believes the above video is a deliberate allusion to anti-government British terrorist Guy Fawkes.

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