Breaking: Sarah Palin Email "Hacker" Convicted on 2 Charges

A federal jury convicted David Kernell, a college student who broke into Sarah Palin’s email account, of unauthorized access to a computer and obstruction of justice. The young Obama supporter could face up to 20 years in jail.

Sarah Palin testified last week against the son of a prominent liberal politician from Tennessee who broke into her email account during the 2008 election.

David Kernell, the son of liberal Tennessee State Representative Mike Kernell was indicted in October 2008 by a federal grand jury in Knoxville, Tennessee., for intentionally accessing without authorization the e-mail account of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Kernell was a member of the UT for Barack Obama organization. reported:

A federal jury has convicted a former Tennessee college student of two charges in the hacking of Sarah Palin’s e-mail account.

The jury convicted 22-year-old David Kernell of unauthorized access to a computer and obstruction of justice. He was found not guilty of wire fraud and the jury failed to reach a verdict on identity theft.

Kernell was charged with breaking into Palin’s e-mail while she was the Republican vice presidential candidate in 2008.

Defense attorney Wade Davies has said it was a prank, but prosecutors claimed he was trying to damage Palin’s campaign.

The conviction for obstructing an investigation can carry a maximum 20-year prison sentence.

Huh? How could the jury not come to a verdict on identity theft? He broke into her account, stole her private information and changed her password.

Sarah Palin was very upset with the violation and crime.

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin speaks to media outside the Federal Courthouse after court recessed for lunch Friday, April 23, 2010 in Knoxville, Tenn. Palin testified in the hacking case against David Kernell who was a University of Tennessee student majoring in economics when prosecutors say he hacked into the Yahoo! account. (AP/Wade Payne)

More… BigAlSouth added:

I accuse the youngster’s attorneys of malpractice. What the hell were they thinking? “Hey, if we get this kid off on a technicality, we’ll be famous!”

98% of persons indicted plead out to something. Of the two percent, or less who go to trial, about two percent beat the government. Would you roll the dice on your freedom with those odds? Especially when you actually HACKED THE ACCOUNT based on your own admissions?

Fools and their foolish lawyers.

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