Beware of the Tea Party Crashers at the Tax Day Rallies

This is a big week for America’s tea party patriots.
Thousands of patriotic Americans will take to the street to protest the out of control radicals in Washington who have battered the economy with record spending and record deficits. Last April the unemployment rate had already soared to 8.9%. This April unemployment is holding at 9.7%. Government officials tripled the federal budget deficit to a record $1.4 trillion in the 2009 fiscal year. This year the federal government is on track to break that record. Instead of focusing on the broken economy the leaders in Washington spent the past year focusing on an unpopular trillion dollar entitlement program. While they did this, spending shot up, debt piled up, deficits soared, and unemployment spiked while opportunity, liberty and hope bottomed out.

Patriotic Americans will protest these destructive economic policies this week.

But beware of the party crashers.

Beware– Leftist radicals are planning on attacking and smearing the tea party patriots this week.


Michelle Malkin posted a must-read report on the tactics and history of these leftist thugs who are out to destroy the tea party movement. Take a minute to get informed. These crazy thugs will stop at nothing to destroy those who stand in the way of their radical socialist agenda. Remember your camera. It may be your best weapon.

Anarchists Plan War On April 15th Tea Parties

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