All 7 Attendees Agree… Belleville Coffee Party a Huge Success

The place was rockin.

The Belleville Coffee Party kicked off on Saturday. (

Belleville Obama supporters held their first Coffee Party Meeting on Saturday. The 7 attendees agreed it was a great success.
The Belleville News Democrat reported, via Publius Forum:

West Belleville resident Jenny Moon was frustrated with her observations of the political system.

Earlier this year, she joined a Facebook group that has concerns about extreme political tactics and partisan bickering.

“A lot of people were disgruntled with how politics is gridlocked right now,” Moon said.

On Saturday, she hosted the first Coffee Party USA in Belleville. It was open to the public.

Of the seven people who met midday at Oregon Trail Roasting Co. at 201 W. Main St. in Belleville, only three had a cup of coffee. One drank a Fitz’s root beer.

The group, which started in January, wants to see cooperation in government, according to its Web site. Participants will set plans for “Coffee With Congress,” which are meetings with lawmakers.

Some people at the Belleville meeting claimed to be Republicans, some were Democrats, while others were independents or confused.

Belleville is a city of 41,000 right outside of St Louis in Illinois.
It is not clear if the reporter included himself in the count or not.

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