Al Sharpton Threatens Sheriff Joe Arpaio; May Unleash Activists to Shadow His Deputees (Video)

Last year professional race hustler Al Sharpton traveled to Arizona and met with Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Sharpton called the sheriff Joe Bull Conner, asked for his resignation and then unleashed his radical activists to shadow his deputies.

Also last year Barack Obama targeted Sheriff Joe and took away power from his deputies to arrest suspected illegal immigrants in the streets in the course of their duty.

This week on CNN Al Sharpton and Sheriff Joe Arpaio faced eachother again and again Sharpton threatened to travel to Arizona to harass law enforcement officials.
Arpaio told him he should know what he’s talking about first.
Via News Alert:


On Wednesday, Sharpton accused black critics of being more interested in Sanford & Son reruns than what Sharpton sees as best for African-Americans.

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