White House Says Kickbacks & Bribes Will Stay in Obamacare Bill

Want a lollypop?

Harry Reid spent $1.2 billion of taxpayer money to buy off democrats for their Obamacare vote in December.
The White House announced today that the kickbacks and bribes will stay in the bill.
The AP reported, via FOX Nation:

The White House is backing down from trying to get senators to remove some special deals from the health care bill.

Senior adviser David Axelrod says the White House only objected to deals that affected just one state, such one involving Medicaid and Nebraska that’s being cut from the legislation.

Axelrod says that deals that could apply to more than one state are OK.


That means deals pushed by senators from Montana and Connecticut would be fine because they’re written in such a way that other states could potentially qualify.

It’s a change from a couple days ago when press secretary Robert Gibbs singled out the Montana and Connecticut deals and said President Barack Obama wanted them gone.

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