State-Run Media Reports on 1,000 Antiwar Nuts– Ignore 30,000 Anti-Obamacare Protesters in Washington DC

The state-run media today was all over the antiwar protest in Washington DC. At least 1,207 articles were published on the socialist’s march in DC.

The Marxists with International ANSWER organized the protest in the nation’s capital. (Reuters) …More photos here.

Thousands(?) of antiwar protesters and Marxists marched in Washington DC against the War in Iraq that we won. The US Marines finished their mission in Iraq in January.

Meanwhile, 30,000 tea party protesters met in Washington DC today to protest the democratic take over of the health care industry.

Maybe 288 articles were published on the massive turnout in the nation’s capitol. It was mostly ignored by the liberal media.


There were NO pro-Obamacare organized protests today in Washington DC.

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