State-Run Media Accuses Tea Party Organizer of Terrorism For Posting Congressman's Address

Suddenly the State-Run Media is Horrified that Politician’s Home Addresses Are Published on the Internet

During the Bush Years radical leftists frequently stalked and threatened Republicans even at their homes.

Antiwar (Marxist) protesters joined up in Taos to stalk Donald Rumsfeld at his home. (Flickr)

In August 2003 leftist lawyer Mariel Nanasi organized a protest outside of Donald Rumsfeld’s home. Dick Cheney was visiting Rumsfeld at home that weekend. The leftists at Democracy Now thought it was so clever that they ran a segment on it. Donald Rumsfeld and his family still get stalked by Marxists out in public. The liberal media even encouraged protester Cindy Sheehan to harass George Bush at his home in Texas. The state-run media saw nothing wrong with this.


But, suddenly things have changed.

This week an angry tea party activist published the address of a Virginia Congressman on his blog and suggested that Tea Party Protesters go visit this socialist at home… The tea party organizer did not direct anyone to harm the Congressman. But, that won’t stop the leftist media from going berserk over the incident. Several leftists are even suggesting that this tea party organizer is a terrorist.

It’s nice to know they finally care.

UPDATE: Will the media say anything about this?… The radical left protested at Dick Cheney’s home THIS YEAR.

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