Senator Inhofe: "Defeating Barbara Boxer Is Not a Victory, It's a Contribution to Humankind" (Audio)

I spoke with Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) today, the top-rated conservative in the US Senate according to National Journal. Senator Inhofe discussed earmarks, Barack Obama’s runaway spending, Al Gore’s millions, and his pal, Senator Barbara Boxer.

On Earmarks—
Senator Inhofe: People talk about earmarks as if this is the big problem. This is not the big problem. Earmarks if they were all killed would only reduce discretionary spending by 1 1/2%. A lot of the biggest spenders in Congress try to talk, “Oh, I’m against earmarks,” to try to portray themselves as conservatives. So your’re hearing this from the most conservative member of the US Senate. Let me tell you two problems that are so important, because if you understand this and try to get this point across… If you stop an earmark it doesn’t save one penny. All it does is take that money and gives it to the President of the United States. That’s the way the system works. It goes to the executive branch. That’s why democrats are all for ending earmarks as they finally admitted in the House today. I invite them to go to my website and pull the articles on this subject. (The senator discussed this at length during the call. More here.)

On National Defense—
(4:00 mark) Liberals don’t think we needl defense systems to begin with. They think if all nations would stand in a circle and hold hands and disarm then all threats would go away. I’m not about to allow these people with this earmark program to put everything in the hands of Obama and that’s what they’d be doing.

On Non-existent Global Warming—
I was the only one to say this was the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people. It all started at the United Nations. Then is was joined by MoveOn and George Soros and all the bad guys out in Hollywood.

On Al Gore—
(7:20 mark) Don’t feel sorry for Al Gore. We don’t know how many hundreds of millions of dollars he’s made on this but there’s some speculation that he might very well be the first environmental billionaire. So Al Gore will be fine don’t worry about him.

On Decreasing the Record Obama Budget Deficit—
(8:10 mark) I introduced legislation last night. It’s called The HELP Act. As you recall Obama got some credit for saying in the SOTU that we are going to freeze some non-defense discretionary spending and everyone applauded. Now wait a minute, he increased them in his first budget by 20%. So what I’m doing is taking his same language and saying instead of freezing it at 2010 levels we freeze it at 2008 levels which is 20% less than what he’s talking about… and save $900 billion.

On Senator Barbara Boxer—
Question (at 13:35 mark): Senator, I was wondering, I know you and Barbara Boxer have butted heads a few times and it looks like the election (in California for US Senate) is getting pretty close. Do you have any comments on that?

Senator Inhofe: The only problem with that election out there is she’s the beneficiary of three Republicans who are trying to beat up each other. I wish we had one Republican. Frankly, I don’t care who it is. I used to say, “Defeating Barbara Boxer is not a victory, it’s a contribution to humankind.” We need to get her defeated by anyone who’s out there. So I hope the strongest one who would wage the best campaign against her would go ahead and win.

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