Sarah Palin Lashes Out at "Lamestream Media's Lies" & "Bunk" at Torchlight TP Rally (Video)

Sarah Palin lashed out at the “bunk” being promoted by the “lamestream media” during her speech in torchlight today.

Sarah Palin in Searchlight:

“Now when we talk about “fighting” for our country. Let’s clear the air right now on what it is we’re talking about. We’re not inciting violence. Don’t get sucked into the lamestream media’s lies about conservative America’s standing up for freedom as inciting violence. It’s a bunch of bunk what the media is trying to feed you.”

Meanwhile, the real violence was right down the road from Searchlight… Harry Reid Supporters attacked the Tea Party Express bus and Andrew Breitbart.

PJTV is broadcasting the entire protest today in Torchlight.

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