PBS Now Offering Teachers Indoctrination Materials on Nationalized Healthcare

Yes We Can…
The Obama Administration wants to make sure that tomorrow’s leaders are fully indoctrinated into the leftist philosophy of living. Part of that indoctrination now includes lesson plans offered to teachers by the Public Broadcasting Service on how to fully persuade students of their “fundamental right to health care.”

Health Care Overview:

Did you catch that?
Here’s the transcript:


A variety of lessons and activities are provided to help students gain the knowledge and background necessary to engage in a meaningful debate about the following resolution: Health care is a fundamental right; the government has an obligation to secure this right for all Americans. Teachers may opt to complete all the assignments in preparation for the debate, or select those most necessary or interesting to the class. Classes may prepare their debate for submission to the Miller Center Debate Series on health care.

Here’s a look at the health care lesson plan page:

Now PBS makes the indoctrination easy.
Mmm… Mmm… Mmm…

Hat Tip Jason

OK— I had to post this terrific video by IowaHawk.
It pretty well sums up the lefty indoctrination.

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