Oh Brother. Alan Colmes Says Code Pink Radicals Do Not Represent the Left (Video)

“I know you Jody and Code Pink and I know that you want me to end this war and bring all the troops home and I’m going to do that.”

Barack Obama
Meeting Top Campaign Bundler and Code Pink Founder Jodie Evans
June 2008

Code Pink Founder and Marxist Jodie Evans was one of Barack Obama’s top bundlers during his 2008 political campaign. Evans was actually one of Barack Obama’s Top 500 Bundlers.. She raised nearly $100,000 for the Democratic Candidate.

Barack Obama thanked Jodie Evans for her support during the campaign.

Obama will not allow photos with the Israeli Prime Minister but has no problem posing with Code Pink Marxists. (Big Government Photo)

Jodie Evans visited the Obama White House in June 2009 just days after meeting with the Hamas terrorists.

These same democratic operatives supported the Obama Campaign and were seated up front at Barack Obama’s inauguration.

But, after these Code Pink radicals attacked Karl Rove last night at a book signing, far left pundit Alan Colmes told Bill O’Reilly that Code Pink does not represent the left.

Please, Alan. Give us a break.
Code Pink is the face of the left.

UPDATE: Gay Patriot reminds us that by Barney Frank’s standards it’s safe to say that Code Pink does represent the left.

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