Obama & Dems Hold Pep Rally to Sign Legislation to Take Over Health Care Industry

When Obama arrived they chanted, “Fired up! Ready to Go!”

President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and senior staff, react in the Roosevelt Room of the White House as the House passes the health care reform bill. (FOX)

The assembled leftists shouted, “Nancy! Nancy!”

The socialists gathered at the White House today to sign the Obamacare legislation that was passed on Sunday by Congressional Democrats.
FOX News reported this from the AP:


President Barack Obama ends a fierce yearlong political drama Tuesday by signing into law a landmark health care reform bill that had been seen as impossible just two months ago. Now, he must sell the law’s merits to a wary American public.

House and Senate Democrats who backed the bill as well as ordinary Americans whose health care struggles have touched Obama were joining him for the ceremony in the White House East Room. Afterward, they were heading to the Interior Department for an even larger celebration.

The next act begins Thursday, when Obama visits Iowa City, Iowa, where he announced his health care plan as a presidential candidate in May 2007. There Obama plans to talk about how the new law will help lower health care costs for small businesses and families, selling the overhaul to Americans who are deeply divided over the plan.

Republicans united in opposition pledged to repeal Obama’s redesign of the health care system, which they criticized as a costly government takeover impacting one-sixth of the U.S. economy.

So-called tea party activists, voters who believe that government spending and influence should be limited, are angry about the new bill and vowing to extract political revenge on those who passed it.

The AP continues to lie for Obama about the cost of the new entitlement program:

The measure, which the Senate passed in December, eventually will extend coverage to 32 million uninsured Americans, reduce federal budget deficits and ban such insurance company practices as denying coverage to people with existing medical problems.

The state-run media is still pushing the lie that covering 30,000,000 million more people will reduce the national deficit.
What awful people.

Investor’s Business Daily listed out 20 ways this legislation will take away your freedom.

Remember: This is the change you were looking for.

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