Far Left Coffee Party Founder Annabel Park Claims Media Is Supportive of Tea Party Movement (Video)

The far left astroturfed “Coffee Party” movement held meetings across the country on Saturday. These activists support President Obama and want more socialism.

Lee Doren attended the Washington DC coffee party meeting at Potter’s Coffee House. Coffee Party founder Annabel Park attended that meeting. Park is a former strategy analyst with The New York Times and one of organizers and operators of the United for Obama video channel at YouTube. Park runs the astroturfed coffee party movement from Washington DC.

During the meeting Annabel Park told the small group of collected leftists that the liberal media was supportive of the teabaggers tea party activists:

The coffee meetings were a big disappointment for the left yesterday. 30 people showed up in St. Louis. 5 in North Carolina and Washington’s meeting turned into a therapy session.

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