CNN Debate: Erick Erickson Sets Record Straight on Bogus Racist Charges With Communist Amy Goodman

Erick Erickson of Redstate debated anti-American communist Amy Goodman on CNN last night.
CNN introduced Goodman as, “The host and executive producer of “Democracy Now!”, a daily independent news program.” Of course, they forgot to mention she’s a commie.
Here’s the video:

Via Crooks and Liars:

KING: What about the rawness of the climate? We have seen these threats, we have seen some heated rhetoric. Erick, I noted the first thing you did in your blog posting this morning was say, look, the threats, the potential act of violence, all of that must stop, make it about the policy. Congressman Cantor, I should note, had an event yesterday saying he thought a bullet had been fired through his window.

The police now say that was random gunfire but there have been other threats against both Democrats and Republicans in this environment. Amy, to you first, do you have hope that whatever your opinion on this issue that people will be civil in the break and maybe be feisty and stand up at town halls but politely, or do you worry there’s a coarsening that could take a turn for the worse?

GOODMAN: Oh I’m very concerned about that. You know when Sarah Palin talks about Republicans reloading and puts the crosshairs on Democratic districts around the country, this is of deep concern. When you have African-American Congress members being hit with racial epithets, when you have Barney Frank, an openly gay congressman hit with a homophobic epithet, these are very serious times. Not to mention these serious, perhaps, well who knows what happened to Congressman Wiener with this white powder that was sent to him.

And there should be warnings by the Republicans, stop this now, not amping it up like we saw Sarah Palin do. It make me think of the song, John, at the end of John McCain and Sarah Palin’s event today in Tucson, I was shocked that they used White Snake “Here I Go Again” because it sounds like here they go again. And if you go to their Web site you see them oh, supporting groups like “Huffington Post”, they refer you to “Raw Story” and “Common Dreams”. It’s very funny he would use this again.

KING: Erick, comment quickly on that point. We have a liberal and a conservative here who both say they condemn the violence. How do we throw the circuit breaker?

ERICKSON: Well you know I think it’s very hard to throw the circuit breaker when you have got Democrats making disingenuous arguments, making claims that aren’t existing. I mean take, for example, the John Lewis racial epithet that all the video shows didn’t happen or the Sarah Palin nonsense that she’s putting targets on Democratic districts. That’s been going on since I’ve been in politics for the last decade and a half.


ERICKSON: All of a sudden, oh, my God, this is terrible. It’s ridiculous. If this wasn’t happening right now, and the Democrats needing to change the narrative back in their favor by playing victim and playing up these stories, some of which didn’t happen, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. This — things were just as bad, just as heated when Bush was president with the Patriot Act and the Iraq war, but you didn’t see Republicans running to the camera crying about it.

Good for Erick for setting the record straight on a few of the bogus protest reports..

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