Candlelight Protest Tonight at Russ Carnahan's Office For the Victims of Obamacare

UPDATE: I am attending this protest. I will report on this prayer vigil later tonight.

The St. Louis Tea Party Coalition will hold a candlelight protest tonight ouside Russ Carnahan’s office for the millions of elderly patients who will die under Obamacare. We will pray for the millions of unborn babies who will be slaughtered, using taxpayer money, under Obamacare.

We will pray for the souls who those who approved of this slaughter.
We will pray for the souls of those who lied to us about this atrocity.
We will pray for the suffering that lies ahead for all Americans.
We encourage you to attend.

The protest is planned at 7 PM tonight CST.
Check back for details.


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UPDATE: Here are details:
St Louis Patriots Will Meet at Russ Carnahan’s Office tonight at 7 PM CST.

Bring RED CANDLES to represent the Victims of Obamacare.

Please bring your own candles to the event.
We will pray for the victims of this atrocity.

Bring your umbrella.
His office is located at 8764 Manchester Road
St Louis, MO 63144

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