Andrew Breitbart Describes Unhinged Harry Reid Supporters on the Attack (Audio-Video)

“I can just say that the irony could not be greater. The press is barking up the tree that the tea party movement is the one that is unhinged, that is frothing at the mouth, that is violent… I could just say that the irony could not be greater.”

Andrew Breitbart
After Harry Reid Supporters Attacked the Tea Party Bus
Searchlight, Nevada

Andrew Breitbart witnessed first hand today the cunning manipulation and violence of the unhinged left. Harry Reid supporters stood on Highway 95 outside of Searchlight, Nevada and held signs steering tea party protesters heading to the Tea Party Express Showdown in Searchlight Rally in the wrong direction. Andrew also witnessed these violent leftists attacking the Tea Party Express bus with eggs as it drove by. The Harry Reid supporters then swarmed him, harassed him, threatened him and made false statements to the police.

And, yet the state-run media wants you to believe that the tea party protesters are the violent ones. Don’t look for this protest story to make the front page of The New York Times or be the lead story on CNN like other bogus protest reports.

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