Over 100,000 Patriots Rallied in Washington DC Today Against Obamacare–

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It’s Working…
Reports: Deem and Pass Is Dead!


The rally was called just two days ago and over 100,000 made it to Washington to protest the democrat’s unconstitutional take over of the health care industry.
FOX News reported:

Just days after holding a rally in Washington, Tea Party activists returned Saturday to make one final stand against the health care reform bill ahead of an expected Sunday vote.

Thousands of Tea Partiers descended upon the Capitol in an effort to derail the march toward “Obamacare” by pressuring undecided lawmakers to vote “no” Sunday.

At times protestors broke into chants of “Kill the bill!”

More than 60 Tea Party affiliates organized the event in the four days since Tuesday’s rally after organizers were flooded with requests to hold another one for those who couldn’t take off of work for the first one.

Saturday’s event featured actor Jon Voight, Reps. Mike Pence, R-Ind., chairman of the House Republican Conference, Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., and Steve King, R-Iowa.

Thanks to Ed for the photos.

Meanwhile Republican star Rep. Paul Ryan ripped outmatched Rep. Louise Slaughter in the House Budget Committee Meeting today. Ryan is outstanding.

Slaughter proposed her unconstitutional rule to ram through the democrat’s nationalized health care bill.

Glenn Reynolds has more photos from the Washington rally.

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