Tim Tebow Will Speak at National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday

Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow will speak at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC tomorrow. Our radical pro-abortion president Barack Obama is also planning on attending the event.
Life News reported:

Tim Tebow, the Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback who is garnering national attention for appearing in a pro-life television commercial to air during the Super Bowl, will attend the National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday. His appearance will contrast that of pro-abortion President Barack Obama.

Tebow will not only attend the highly-respected event held in the nation’s capital, but his agent, Susan Vanderlinde, confirmed to Politico that he will likely speak there.

“Yes, I believe he is [slated to speak at the National Prayer Breakfast,]” Vanderlinde confirmed.

Tebow’s appearance will contrast with that of Obama, who plans to attend the event as well along with several lawmakers, because he is strongly pro-life while Obama has crafted a lengthy pro-abortion record since taking over the White House.

Obama’s former pastor Jeremiah “G-D AmeriKKKa” Wright will likely not attend the event.

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