Scott Brown Demands to Be Seated – State Officials Will Certify His Win Today

Republican Scott Brown’s lawyer sent a letter to liberal Massachusetts Governor Duval Patrick today demanding that he be sworn in immediately.
SFGate reported:

The Republican who captured the late Sen. Edward Kennedy’s seat says he wants to be sworn in immediately, not next week as planned.

An attorney for Scott Brown says in a letter Wednesday to Massachusetts Gov. Deval (deh-VAHL’) Patrick that the senator-elect has been told there may be votes in which he wants to participate.

The attorney says Brown wants the results of the Jan. 19 election certified by 11 a.m. Thursday so they can be forwarded to Senate officials for immediate action.

The Boston Globe says that Massachusetts’ officials will certify Brown’s win today and that he can be sworn in at any point afterward.
The Boston Globe reported:

Massachusetts officials are planning to formally certify the special US Senate election results today, allowing Senator-elect Scott Brown to be sworn in at any point afterward. Aides to Brown and the Senate leadership say the induction is planned for Feb. 11.

State election officials had to wait at least 10 days after the Jan. 19 election to allow overseas ballots to arrive. Those ballots have now been tallied, and all but three communities – Salem, Springfield, and Westfield – had submitted final results to the secretary of state’s office by late afternoon. Those three communities are expected to do the same before the Governor’s Council meets today to certify the results.

There were about 1,900 ballots sent overseas, which will not alter the results but still must be tallied.

State officials could have certified the win earlier but sat on the results for days.

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