Sarah Palin Calls for Eric Holder & Rahm Emanuel to Resign (Video)

Sarah Palin didn’t hesitate today on FOX News Sunday to call for Rahm Emanuel and Eric Holder to Step Down. She said Holder should step down “for a variety of reasons.”

Later in the interview, Sarah Palin pressed for Rahm Emanuel’s firing.
FOX News has more:

Sarah Palin said President Obama needs to take a “do-over” on his choice for White House chief of staff, pressing Saturday for Rahm Emanuel’s firing after he used the word “retarded” to lambast a group of Democrats in a strategy session last year.

Emanuel is known for his coarse tongue, but the remarks touched a nerve among disability advocate groups, as well as Palin, when it was reported last week. Emanuel swiftly apologized to Special Olympics head Tim Shriver and then convened a meeting with him and other disability groups at the White House.

But Palin, who has a baby with Down syndrome, told that Emanuel should still be gone — something she first called for on her Facebook page last week.

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