Romney's Alleged Plane Attacker Was LA Rapper Sky Blu

LA Thug Rapper Sky Blu (on right) allegedly assaulted Mitt Romney before being escorted from a plane leaving Vancouver this week. Sky Blu moved his seat back on Ann Romney before the plane’s departure and wouldn’t put it up.

Sky Blu is known for hits such as “I’m in Miama Bitch.”
My FOX DC reported:

Los Angeles rapper Sky Blu was named by TMZ website on Friday as the mystery man who attacked Republican politician and former presidential hopeful Mitt Romney on an airplane.

Blu, of electro-hop group LMFAO – known for hits such as I’m in Miami Bitch – allegedly physically threatened Mr Romney on an Air Canada flight leaving Vancouver on Monday morning (local time).

According to video taken by one of Blu’s travelling companions and cited by TMZ, the incident was sparked when the musician, who was sitting in front of Romney’s wife Ann in the economy section of the plane, moved his seat back.

Romney allegedly shouted at Blu to put his seat back. Blu claimed Romney then reached forward and grabbed his shoulder, so he slapped the 62-year-old Republican’s hand away.

Authorities then boarded the plane and escorted Blu off the flight.

Former Massachusetts Governor Romney’s spokesperson Eric Fehrnstrom claimed Tuesday that Blu became “physically violent” when asked to put his seat up but never mentioned whether or not Romney put his hands on him.

Fehrnstrom said: “Governor Romney did not retaliate.”

The rapper says Mitt Romney used a Vulcan grip on him before he was escourted from the plane.
Yeah right. That sounds like Mitt.

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