Rep. Eric Cantor Says GOP Leaders Will Definitely Attend White House Meeting On Health Care (Video)

“We’re not interested in a dog and pony show to trumpet failed bills that in fact the democrats can’t even pass right now without any Republican support. We’re not interested in that because the American people aren’t either.”

House Republican Whip Eric Cantor
February 9, 2010

Rep. Eric Cantor, the Republican Whip, told FOX News yesterday that Republican leaders will definitely attend the White House meeting on health care.

If Republicans sit there and allow the president to continue to lie about his horrible plan and lie about his awful record then they are fools. If they allow the democrats to attack them as the party of no and they just sit there, they are wimps. If they don’t remind Americans about the backroom deals, the Louisiana purchase, the Cornhusker kickbacks, etc. then they are gutless. If they don’t bring their A-game to the meeting, then we’re all sunk.

Republicans need to remember that when Obama talks about bipartisanship, he really wants the GOP to go along with his radical agenda.

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