Oops. Obama Does It Again – Bashes Las Vegas …Update: Obama Apologizes to Reid

Oops. He did it again.

Barack Obama took another swipe at cash-strapped Las Vegas today at a speech in New Hampshire. This ought to go over well. The last time Obama bashed Las Vegas the governor demanded an apology.

And get this… He did this while lecturing the crowd on “tightening their belts” during a recession after proposing the largest spending bill in history yesterday.
The Hill reported:

President Barack Obama took another dig at Las Vegas at his New Hampshire town hall Tuesday after similar remarks got him into hot water last year.

Obama said that people should now “blow a bunch of cash in Vegas” during a tough recession. Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman called for Obama to apologize after he made comparable comments last February.

“When times are tough, you tighten your belts,” he said at the forum.” You don’t go buying a boat when you can barely pay your mortgage. You don’t blow a bunch of cash in Vegas when you’re trying to save for college.”

The Harry Reid people will love this. It couldn’t have come at a worse time for the unpopular Senate Majority Leader. Obama is set to campaign with Harry Reid later this month. Oh well.


UPDATE: Barack Obama apologized to Harry Reid tonight.
The Politico reported:

In a letter to Reid, the president backed away from the perceived slight. Addressing the letter “Dear Harry,” Obama wrote: “I hope you know that during my Town Hall today, I wasn’t saying anything negative about Las Vegas. I was making the simple point that families use vacation dollars, not college tuition money, to have fun. There is no place better to have fun than Vegas, one of our country’s great destinations. I have always enjoyed my visits, look forward to visiting in a few weeks, and hope folks will visit in record numbers this year.”

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