The Chicago Way… Obama Ends Bipartisan Summit at Blair House With a Threat (Video)

The Chicago Way…
Barack Obama ended the bipartisan summit today at the Blair House by threatening Republicans to accept the democrat’s plan. (He will not start over.) Or, he will ram it through Congress without them.

“Elections have consequences.”

This was an amazing closer:

Barack Obama closed the bipartisan nationalized health care summit with a threat:

“I don’t think Tom we’re going to have another one of these because people don’t have 7-8 hours a day to work some of these things through.

After all, the senators just don’t have the time to be dealing with little issues like nationalizing one-sixth of the economy.
More Obama:

“What I do know is this, if we saw movement, significant movement, not just gestures, then you wouldn’t need to start over because essentially everybody here knows what the issues are, and procedurally it could get done fairly quickly.

“We cannot have another year long debate about this. So, the question I’m going to ask myself and I ask all of you is, is there enough serious effort that in a month’s time or a few week’s time or six week’s time we could actually resolve something? And if we can’t I think we got to go ahead and make some decisions and that’s what elections are for. We have honest disagreements about the vision for the country and we’ll go ahead and test those out over the next several months until November. Alright?”

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