Mitch McConnell: Not Sure if GOP Can Block Dem's Attempt to Ram Through Obamacare (Video)

Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell told Chris Wallace today on FOX News Sunday that he was not certain if the GOP would be able to block the democrat’s latest attempt to take over the health care industry.

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The Hill reported:

It’s “not clear” whether enough Democrats will defect on a majority-vote procedure on health legislation to stop it, the Senate’s top Republican said Sunday.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said that opposition to using a maneuver to bypass filibuster rules would be bipartisan, but hedged as to whether it would be strong enough to block such a tactic.

“There’ll be a lot of Democrats who will vote against it,” McConnell said during an appearance on “Fox News Sunday” about the controversial budget reconciliation process. “Whether there will be 11 Democrats who will vote against it is not clear.”

At issue is the the process Senate Democratic leaders have indicated they will use to finish healthcare reform legislation. That process, called budget reconciliation, would allow senators to pass final changes to the original health bill they’d passed in December using only a simple majority of votes, instead of the 60 normally needed to end a filibuster.

“The only thing bipartisan about it would be the opposition to this, because a number of Democrats have said don’t do this, this is not the way to go,” McConnell said.

Jules Crittenden has more on the dem’s latest attempt to nationalize the health care industry.

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