Michelle Obama Defends Hubby From Palin's Attacks: "Change Isn't Easy & Doesn't Happen Overnight"

Sarah Palin let the Obama Administration have it Saturday night.

But that won’t stop Team Obama from pushing their hopey-changey socialist crap.
Michelle Obama defended her husband today from recent attacks insisting that, “Change isn’t easy and doesn’t happen overnight.”
But it sure hurts.
Good Morning America reported:

“I think my husband has done a phenomenal job staying on course, looking his critics in the eye, coming up with clear solutions against staying the course,” Michelle Obama told Robin Roberts in an exclusive morning television interview on “Good Morning America.” “That’s what leadership is. But people have the right to criticize the President of the United States.”

Michelle Obama’s comments came in response to recent criticism from Sarah Palin who told TEA Party conventioneers in Nashville, Tenn., this weekend she wants to ask Obama supporters, “How is that hope-y, change-y stuff working out for you?”

“Rightfully, some people are frustrated, right?” Michelle Obama said. “But one of the things that Barack Obama said and continues to say is change isn’t easy and it doesn’t happen overnight. And it certainly doesn’t happen in a year.”

“It’s not, he’s not done yet. He’s got more time,” she said.

Obama tripled the national deficit in one year and watched unemployment soar to 9.7%.
America can’t stand much more of this hopey-change.

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